Auditions for Actual Play RPG Web Show Spokane, Washington, February 17, 2023 at 7 PM PST

Looking for actors and crew for tabletop role-playing game actual play live broadcast weekly show volunteer performer players. As with all roles at the 501(c)3 non-profit RPG Research, this is a volunteer unpaid opportunity. UPDATE: Final Round of "Cattle Call"\ Auditions moved to February 17, 2023 at 7 PM PST

RPG Cinema is looking for talented, dedicated, volunteer performers and crew.

Live-stream roles available include:

Tabletop RPG players/actors (costumed/cosplay)

Volunteer Live Show Tabletop Role-Playing Game (RPG) Player on live weekly Internet broadcast to help with advocacy and fundraising for 501(c)3 non-profit organization RPG Research:

RPG Research is looking for a variety of people from diverse demographics that are strong performers in a seated position, who are: friendly and professional, comfortable on live camera broadcasts, work well with others, have no odious habits, strong on improvisation, knows how to play a character in a tabletop role-playing game, and can keep language family friendly.

  • Volunteer, unpaid, cosplay, acting opportunity in tabletop role-playing game setting.
  • Requirements
  • Actors must be 18+ of any race or gender. Disability will be considered based on their impact pertaining to clear communication and portrayal of the actors chosen character.
  • Must be willing to learn and play Call of Cthulhu ™ a cosmic horror role-playing game.
  • 1 season commitment to include rehearsals and training (February 3 to October 27, 2023).


  • 3+ years live streaming or other live-broadcast performance experience
  • 3+ acting experience on stage, screen, or other live public venue.
  • 2+ years improvisational performance experience in live public venues.
  • 2+ years tabletop role-playing game experience
  • 1+ years costume design or cosplay

Application Overview

    • Open audition at  RPG Research Community Center 101 N Stone St. Spokane, WA 99202

  • Bring RPG & Public Performance related resume attached with your contact information (email, phone, social networks, etc.): 
  • Optionally send a link to a video explaining why you think you would be a great fit for this group to
  • Adults, and senior adults, are all welcomed!
  • 1 season commitment to include rehearsals and training (February 3 to October 27, 2023).
  • Weekly commitment: 5 hours per week.
  • Audition: Friday February 17, 2023 7 pm PST
    • Call Backs Friday February 24, 2023 7 pm PST
    • Finalist will be divided into two or three groups of 5
    • Each group will rehearse / train on either Monday’s, Wednesday's or Friday’s
    • The groups will be mixed together and shuffled around until a final group of Player Characters, and understudies/stand-ins/NPCs/cameos
    • Show launch: May 5, 2023

    Schedule & Commitment

    Friday show: RPG Cinema Presents: Masks of Nyarlathotep

    • Broadcast 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Pacific Time.
    • Performers arrive by 6:00 pm, and leave around 10:30 pm.
    • About 4-5 hours per week.
    • Minimum 1 season commitment, March - May Rehearsals, and May - November performances.


    These are unscripted weekly episodes!

    You not only need to be exceptional at thinking quickly on your feet, and an exceptional ROLE-playing game player, you also need to have a good professional manner, keep your language clean even during stressful improvisational scenes, have a dynamic personality interesting for our audience to view (and often root for), and have excellent on-screen chemistry with your fellow players.

    We are looking to fill the seats of up to 6 players in a weekly tabletop role-playing game. (+4 understudies/stand-ins/NPCs/cameos). You will get to create your own custom character in a 1920s Call of Cthulhu™ campaign setting. This will involve a mixture of historical, horror, fantasy and science fiction.

    You will be expected to cosplay your character once character creation is completed, before show launch. Once your character is developed and cosplay outfits ready, professional artists will create artistic renderings to add to the website, video streams, etc.

    There are no expected holidays off (Individual requests for religious holidays will be considered).

    The show is Internet audience interactive, allowing audience donors to impact random encounters and events from a detailed catalog, close to real-time. These can help, hinder, or be neutral, but will not derail the main campaign.

    Before the show launches officially, you will need to attend multiple technical testing broadcast sessions to get familiar with the setup, fellow group members, admins, layout, rules, body language, affect, etc. This may include actual play and actual broadcast, but using other characters in a different Call of Cthulhu™ setting, so as not to spoil the surprise of your new characters when the show launches. But it will help you become comfortable and familiar with the process of the broadcasts.

    Note the show also occasionally has a real-time artist who sketches the scenes during the show as they happen, and shows them to the audience as they draw.


    You must be able to reliably attend weekly shows at our studio location at the RPG Research Community Center 101 N Stone St. Spokane, WA 99202

    Additional Information

    This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY SHOW! Clean language, "fade-to-black" for intense scenes, etc. Though family friendly, we will still deal with very deep topics that need to be handled in a mature fashion. If this was a movie it would be considered PG based on language and PG-13 for violence, horror, drug use and thematic elements. 

    These volunteer acting positions require energetic, dynamic, experienced, local, ROLE-playing game players for a live broadcast in an ongoing campaign, as a fundraiser for the non-profit organization RPG Research, a 501(c)3 non-profit 100% volunteer international research and human services organization helping improve lives through the power of music and role-playing games, with over 50 staff members across 4+ continents. 

    These are volunteer positions!

    Professional grade means someone comfortable with being on-camera, that acts in a friendly but professional manner, that is reliable, with appropriate language & manners appropriate for being on a live family-friendly broadcast and in a professional setting.

    While prior tabletop RPG experience is preferred, it is not required, though it is preferred that you have at least 5 years prior acting and/or improv experience.

    Players will need to pass the interview and audition process before being accepted.

    Please feel free to post questions here or send direct messages.

    • Email:
    • Toll-free phone: (833) RPG-INFO x709 (John Welker) (during normal business hours)

    Job Types: Volunteer. Part-time, Temporary, Internship. Minimum 1 year commitment. 5 hours per week, 44-52 weeks.

    Salary: $0.00 /year