Show Launch Date: June 2018 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Originally posted April 13th, 2018.

UPDATE: We had a few player/cast changes due to work schedule changes and people moving. We have put out a call for new local players to audition:

We are getting very close to having all the technology and personnel pieces in place. If all goes well (we still need 1 more volunteer to help with the tech side), we should be able to officially launch the show weekly on

Sunday in middle-to-late June 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Pacific Time.


Keeping checking for updates on our website:

You can also follow us on our various social media sites (see our contact info).

Artwork included with this posting is an example of the real-time sketching going on during the show (this was during a tech test with artist Steve Rampton).  Steve is one of nearly a dozen artists helping with the show!

See our List of Heroes for everyone that is helping make this show come to life!